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Here you will find a list of our latest news and announcements. Click on "read more.." to view the complete announcement.

HostStore.net Expands Disk Space and Bandwidth Limits for All Hosting Plans

Dear Value Customer,

HostStore.net has the pleasure to announce major upgrades for all new users and existing customers.

HostStore.net customers now will experience a significant more storage and bigger data transfer bringing them the highest web hosting quality for a lowest price.

This increment will extend the value of their packages and keeps HostStore.net on the top of the Web hosting industry.

The following upgrades has been add to all plans:
Starter Plan: 150 MB Storage up from 50, 3 GB transfer up from 1 GB.HomeUsers Plan: 300 MB Storage up from 150, 5 GB transfer up from 3 GB.Business Plan: 500 MB Storage up from 300, 10 GB transfer up from 5 GB.Ecommerce Plan: 700 MB Storage up from 500, 20 GB transfer up from 10 GB.
Advanced Plan: 850 MB Storage up from 700, 30 GB transfer up from 20 GB.Power Plan: 1000 MB Storage up from 850, 40 GB transfer up from 30 GB.Professional Plan: 1500 MB Storage up from 1000, 50 GB transfer up from 40 GB.
Reseller Plan 1: 4000 MB Storage, 200 GB transfer. Reseller Plan 2: 6000 MB Storage, 300 GB transfer. Reseller Plan 3: 7000 MB Storage, 400 GB transfer.

HostStore.net is committed to provide you the best support and after sales services.

Thank you!

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