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Here you will find answers for the most frequently asked questions

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  1. HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable Error
  2. How do I connect to MSsql Database on Windows 2000/Windows 2003 Server using ASP?
  3. I'm not being able to send e-mails from outlook express. I guess my ISP is blocking port 25. Is there is any availbale ports to try?
  4. I cannot connect to my MS Access datasource from DreamweaverMX using ColdFusionMX. Help! (ColdFusion)
  5. How do I setup my email account at my Hshpere Control Panel (Windows Hosting) ?
  6. How to add a new domain to my hosting account (Windows Hosting) ?
  7. How do I upload my website files (Windows Hosting)?
  8. Is there is a method to test my website (Windows Hosting)?
  9. How do I fine tune my website (Windows Hosting)?
  10. How do I set my index pages instead of those specified in the default settings (Windows Hosting)?
  11. How do I change my FTP password using Hsphere control panel ?
  12. How to back up a mySQL database using phpMyAdmin?
  13. How to restore a mySQL database using phpMyAdmin?
  14. How do I backup my website and hosting account?
  15. How do I restore a backup created with CPanel?
  16. What is CPanel Backup?
  17. When I connect to my ASP page, it shows question marks (???????) instead of the arabic letters. How do I solve it?
  18. How can I get DBO permissions on my MSSQL user for this database?
  19. How do I create an application directory to host an ASP/ASP.NET application in one of the folders of my domain?
  20. When trying to use ASPEmail, I get an error saying that the premium features of ASP Email have expired. What am I doing wrong?
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