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Web Glossary
Here you will find descriptions of the most popular computer or internet terminologies.


Dedicated Line
A telecommunications line that lets your computer have a direct, permanent connection to the Internet
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Dial-Up Account
A basic type of Internet account that allows you to dial up an Internet Service Provider's (ISP) computer with a modem. These types of accounts usually have a UNIX or other command-line interface.
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A manner in which messages to a list server mailing list can be automatically consolidated into one e-mail (the digest) and sent to the list subscribers periodically.
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DLL - Dynamic Link Library
A Windows platform file that is actually an executable mini-program itself that is NOT executed directly by a user but by a running program or application
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DNS - Domain Name System
A database system that translates an IP address into a domain name. For example, a numeric IP address like is converted into netlingo.com. The DNS is a static, hierarchical name service that uses TCP/IP hosts and is housed on a number of servers on the Internet. Basically, it maintains this database for figuring out and finding (or resolving) host names and IP addresses. This allows users to specify remote computers by host names rather than numerical IP addresses. Also referred to as Domain Name Service and Domain Name Server.
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Domain Name or Domain
The unique name identifying a Web site, located at the right of the @ sign in an Internet address. Domain names always have two or more parts, separated by dots, as in www.yourdomain.com. Domains are tied to name servers, which direct to which IP address the domain should point. Any server can have multiple domain names, but a domain name can only point to one server
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Domain Registration
Our partnership with InterNIC allows us to register or transfer your domain with them seamlessly. Therefore, we charge no additional fee for InterNIC registration or transfers. However, be aware that you are still responsible for the cost of domain registration with InterNIC, which currently is $70 for two year, $150 for five year, and $250 for 10 year registrations.
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DRAM - Dynamic Random-Access Memory
A memory chip contained on such devices as video and sound cards. DRAM is "dynamic" because the chip contains an electrical charge (as opposed to SRAM, see below). The electrical charge will die out eventually so it must refresh its memory regularly, which it does automatically from your CPU. The only reason you need to know about DRAM is because it is related to access time and video cards, etc
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DSN - Data Source Name
Data source names are used to access a database. Customers can create DSN's via their administration page.
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Dynamic Content
Information on a Web site or Web page that changes often, usually daily and/or each time a user reloads or returns to the page. Content that is also structured based on user input. For example, when you search on some keywords on a search engine, the resulting page you get is a "dynamic" page, meaning the information was created based on the words you typed into the form on the previous page. Dynamic Web sites are usually driven by Web application environments such as Microsoft ASP or Allaire's ColdFusion, and the content is taken from a database each time a page request is made.
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Dynamic SQL
Creates queries based on user data, environment variables, and previously returned query results. Dynamic SQL can also increase processing efficiency by executing multiple queries and sending them to multiple databases from a single browser request.
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